Edit PDFs in Microsoft Office 365 Word for Mac

Microsoft Office 365 Word for Mac works

In the Open dialog box, you’ll now see that PDF files can be selected. When you open a PDF file, we use an Office 365 service to convert it from a PDF to a Word document in the .DOCX format. You will be prompted to consent to using this cloud-based service before you can save the new file and edit it just like you would any Word document.

Requirements for Microsoft Office 365 for MAC

The feature is available to 100% of Office 365 subscribers running Insider Fast builds, starting from build 16.29 (19082004). If you are an Insider Slow user and do not see it yet, don’t worry, you’ll get access to it soon!

For more help to understand how Office 365 for Mac works. Call Microsoft Official Helpline or visit www.office.com/setup office.com/setup

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