How to modify themes for Office documents?

Office has been providing various features and services to its users so that their work can become well turned-out and easy. Since the introduction of the latest features and updates in MS Office 2019, you can now give a new and colorful life to the dull documents in Word or Excel.

If you didn’t know that you can do so, then let’s learn how to change the theme of your documents by making certain changes in its settings. This way you can make it look more personalized as well as modern.

By customizing certain settings of your documents, you can completely change its looks. All you have to do is create a new and unique theme, change the fonts, save the changes and you are done. For doing all of it, the steps have been discussed in this article.

Ways to change or apply a document theme

Although there are default themes in Office suites, you can always change and customize them. For this you need to follow certain steps which are given below:

To change the theme in Excel –

  1. First of all, go to the “Page Layout” tab in Excel.
  2. Now, hit the “Themes” option. (To change the theme in Word, you have to select the “Design” option followed by “Themes”).
  3. Now, your screen will display a list of themes out of which you have to choose the desired theme.
  4. To see a preview of various themes, you just need to move your cursor over a particular theme.
  5. Now, select the one which you want as the theme of your document from now on. 

To customize the theme –

  1. Again open your Word or Excel document and click on the themes/design tab.
  2. Now, select any of the available themes and navigate to the toolbar. Here you can customize the settings for colors, fonts, and effects.
  3. You can also name the newly created theme according to your wish.
  4. To change the fonts, click on the “fonts” option and a drop-down list will appear from where you have to click on the desired font. 

In a similar way you can change the settings for color, accent, hyperlink, text background as well as effects.

To sum up –

With the latest updates on features and tools of MS Office, the users are provided with the option to modify its various settings. The settings are made available so that the users can make their documents and presentations look more presentable and personalized.

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