How to respond if Outlook cannot displays error?

With Microsoft Outlook stay organized and plan future events in just a few clicks. You can easily book conference rooms, track RSVPs, make plans, and coordinate schedules by sharing calendars and seeing the availability of your coworkers. Outlook has enterprise-grade security which is trusted by users across the globe.

Outlook works silently around the clock to safeguard your confidential information without even troubling you in your work. Anticipating your needs, it automatically adds travel and bill payments to your calendar. Its intelligent reminder helps to keep you on track so that you can find the required information quickly.

You can access Outlook on mobile, Mac, Windows PC as well as from your browser. Regardless of its massive services, sometimes it also starts getting in your way by displaying certain error messages such as “Cannot start Microsoft Outlook”.

Causes and symptoms

  • When your Outlook starts hanging for a while and displays the error message.
  • Presence of a corrupted navigation window setting file -profilename.xml.
  • If you run Outlook in compatibility mode and use profile created on the older version of Outlook and the file gets deleted or damaged.

What to do?

Some common ways through which you can easily resolve such problems:

  1. By recovering and deleting the Navigation Pane Configuration file.
  2. By turning off the “Compatibility mode”.
  3. By restoring the earlier version of the PST file.
  4. By repair your Outlook PST file with an “Inbox Repair tool”.
  5. By opening Outlook in “Safe Mode”.

The detailed process to do use these methods is as follows:

Steps to recover and delete the Navigation Pane Configuration file-

  1. Go to the menu and open the command box.
  2. Type or Paste (outlook.exe /resetnavpane).
  3. Click “OK” and restart your computer. (Note: if you are unable to restore the XML file try to delete it)

Steps to turn off compatibility mode in Outlook-

  1. Tap the “Outlook” icon.
  2. Right click on the icon and click the “Properties” button.
  3. Tap on the “Compatibility” tab.
  4. Clear off “Run this program in Compatibility mode” and tap “OK”.
  5. Restart your device.

Steps to restore the earlier version of the PST file-

  1. Right click on the Outlook icon.
  2. Tap “Restore previous versions”.

Repair your PST file with an “Inbox Repair Tool”-

If you still cannot open Outlook, you can repair your PST file. The PST file could be the one reason why your Outlook is not functioning properly. With the inbuilt “Inbox Repair tool” provided by Microsoft, you can easily repair your corrupt PST file.

Steps to open Outlook in “Safe Mode”-

This is the last thing you can try to open your Outlook. You can open Outlook in “Safe Mode”. To do this,

  1. In the search box, type “Outlook.exe /safe”.
  2. Right click on the result.
  3. And, tap “Open”.

Hopefully, these methods have helped you in resolving the error.

Wrapping up-

If you face any difficulty with any of the Office apps, you can contact MS Office Technical experts for guided-solutions. They will always be available to help you in your difficult times. Dial Customer Support number and talk to the executives anytime, anywhere.

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