How to uninstall MS office setup from your PC?

How to uninstall MS office setup from your PC?

How to uninstall MS office setup from your PC?

 Microsoft is probably the oldest names when it comes to computer Operating Systems. From Windows 95 to Windows 10, the company has gone through many technological advances, after all in this fast-paced technologically developing World; one has to be at par with rivals to stand apart in the market. So today we’re going to learn something new about Microsoft’s products.

Microsoft offers various products (software) as well as services. These are helpful for both individuals and businesses alike. To name a few are Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows OS, Windows Media Player, Skype and services like OneDrive, Outlook Email, Xbox etc.

It will be a tedious task to explain each and every software or service in detail here, so let’s pick one – Microsoft Office.

We all are aware about Microsoft Office suite or simply MS Office. It is a suite that has various useful tools like Word, used for writing; PowerPoint, used for presentations; Excel, used for doing mathematical calculations and storing data; Publisher, for designing and a few more.

We have used most of these apps in our lifetimes. But sometimes, we do not feel the need to use them anymore and then we decide to uninstall it from our computer. So on the similar lines, let us learn how to Uninstall Microsoft Office from our computer.

There are two ways to uninstall MS office from your PC or Laptop

  • Via Control Panel
  1. Click on the start button on the left hand side bottom corner of the screen
  2. In the search box, type “Control Panel” and press enter on your keyboard
  3. Then click “Programs and Features”
  4. Right-click on the program which reads “Microsoft Office” or “MS Office” or “Microsoft Office 365” and you will see three options
  5. Now click on “Uninstall”
  6. The uninstalling process will start automatically and click on “Finish” if prompted
  7. You will see a confirmation on the screen that reads that you have successfully uninstalled Microsoft Office.

Just in case you are unable to see the product or the app in the list of Control Panel, try the below method.

  • Via Uninstall Support Tool
  1. Visit the Microsoft office support website and download the “Office Uninstall Support Tool”
  2. Or visit to download the tool from here
  3. Once downloaded, run the downloaded file (double click the downloaded file)
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions, wherein you will be asked to select the programs that you want to uninstall
  5. Click on “Next” and the uninstall process will start, then the software will ask you to restart your computer, click on “Restart”
  6. After the computer restarts, the uninstall process will continue automatically, DO NOT close the window
  7. Just follow the on-screen instructions and close the windows only when prompted.

You have successfully uninstalled MS office from your computer.

Call Microsoft official Helpline for assistance or Visit Microsoft official website

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