How to use “Forms” in Microsoft Access database?

Microsoft has provided the users of Access with an advantage to use its significant feature which is known as “Forms”. Using this feature, a user can easily view or locate the things for which he is searching for. Moreover, users can also edit, add, or display the data which is previously saved on the database.

The specifically designed forms serve a significant role because they help in the improvement and efficiency as well. Data entry accuracy for those who usually work upon multiple users’ network.

They can also be used to fulfill the varied necessities and demands of the organization. Without further ado, let’s get started to understand the different kinds of Access forms. So that you can go for the one which will help you the most.

What are the kinds of “Forms” in Microsoft Access and how to use them?

There are majorly two categories of forms; bound and unbound. The earlier one contains the data which is synced between the form and the database. They are dependent on one another.

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This hints towards the fact that when you make changes in the data in the bound form, unlike unbound forms it is also changed in the database that it is linked to. The latter one doesn’t update or change along with the database in any way. But you can use these forms to fulfill various database requirements.

Switchboards Form- By means of this form you can construct menus for a database because it is an unbound form which cannot be edited.

This can be done because of the reason that it doesn’t have any impact on the data which exists on your Access file.

You can also use it to close or open the database effortlessly. Switchboards can also be used to get hold of the data which is present in any other form.

Dialog Box Form- These are being used in order to display the search results for the queries . Moreover, one can similarly use it to choose particular situations to recover the data.

This is an unbound form because you cannot change the data present in it. These are considered significant because they make it quite easy for you to find the data which you are looking for in the files.

Data Entry Form- This from is useful when you require to edit the data in the Access database. By means of this form, you can easily enter specific information including name or address. Along with this, you can also update the information which is already present in the Access files and folders.

To sum up-

There is one more form known as the “record display form” which is a bound form. As the name suggests it digs out the data from the spreadsheet and displays the data which a user is looking for.

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